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Adam, thanks for your response over at I cite. I want to think it through before I say anything. When you wrote 'have to get to work' I had this image of somebody not getting a stay of execution because of ongoing blog discussions!


Jodi, well not quite that bad -- more like "Crim Pro II students not getting the fully-prepared professor they thought they'd bought and paid for" (although I do also have a suppression motion in a capital case, the basis of which is extraction of the statement by torture, that I've been working on too; I suppose that's a bit sexier . . . .)


hi Adam,
Thanks for this. I posted a reply over at Jodi's place that probably should have gone here. Sorry about that. I'd repaste it here but that seems a little, well, unsatisfactory.
I'm enjoying this solidarity discussion a lot. It's like an electronic pub crawl, stumbling from site to site keeping conversations going, sort of, inflected by the new surroundings and changing offerings of jukebox and tap.
take care,

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